Time Series Data Reduction With IRAC

Hosted by the Spitzer Science Center

Sunday June 1, 1:00 - 5:30pm

Great Republic room on the 7th floor of the
Westin Copley Place at the Boston 224th AAS

IRAC Precision Photometry Best Practices

Participants at the AAS splinter session expressed a strong need for an online repository of the best practices for high precision IRAC photometry. We consider this webpage to serve two related purposes. First, this page will be the main portal into the SSC website for all information relating to precision photometry. Second, many practitioners have developed their own unique techniques for time series data analysis. We offer this page as a place to share those algorithms and software packages so that the Spitzer time series community can assess and compare the methods. Perhaps after a period of such comparison the community can publish a series of papers outlining the current state of the art.