Time Series Data Reduction With IRAC

Hosted by the Spitzer Science Center

Sunday June 1, 1:00 - 5:30pm

Great Republic room on the 7th floor of the
Westin Copley Place at the Boston 224th AAS

  • Sarah Ballard (UW)
  • Sean Carey (SSC)
  • Drake Deming (MD)
  • Giovanni Fazio (SAO)
  • Bill Glaccum (SSC)
  • Carl Grillmair (SSC)
  • Hans Moritz Gunther (CFA)
  • Kevin Hardegree-Ullman (UToledo)
  • Joe Harrington (UCF)
  • Jim Ingalls (SSC)
  • Jessica Krick (SSC)
  • Seppo Laine (SSC)
  • Nikole Lewis (MIT)
  • Ben Montet (Caltech)
  • Kevin Stevenson (U of Chicago)
  • Lisa Storrie-Lombardi (SSC)
  • Jason Surace (SSC)
  • Syler Wagner (MIT)
  • Dan Wysocki (SUNY Oswego)

Please contact iracaas224@ipac.caltech.edu if you will be attending.