US Euclid Consortium

May 1 - 3, 2023
Caltech, Keith Spalding Building, 4th floor
Euclid Spacecraft

The meeting is intended to bring together the US Euclid community ahead of Euclid’s planned launch in July. The main goal of the meeting is to ramp up our efforts for Euclid analysis and provide the information for members who have not yet had a chance to contribute to get up to speed. The program features a mix of overview talks, tutorials on Euclid tools and data products, and parallel sessions of the science working groups. It will bring together the scientists planning to analyze Euclid data with the management and technical leads of the US Euclid team. Several key members from Europe will join us virtually or in person.

The SOC: Shirley Ho, Bhuv Jain (co-chairs), Daniel Eisenstein, Anthony Gonzalez, Alina Kiessling, Eric Linder, Michael Strauss, Yun Wang

The LOC: Anahita Alavi, Shoubaneh Hemmati, Pat Morris, Nancy Solis, Harry Teplitz