Community Astrophysics with WFIRST:
Guest Observer and Archival Science

February 29 - March 2, 2016 at the Pasadena Hilton


  1. R. Akeson: Imaging and Microlensing Exoplanet Data in the NASA Exoplanet Archive
  2. E. Bachelet: Development of an Open Source Microlensing Software:  Presentation of PyLIMA
  3. D. Ciardi: Engaging the Community:  Extraction and Retrieval Community Data Challenges from the WFIRST Science Investigation Coronography Team
  4. D. Cohen: Luminosity Function and Properties of Faint LBGs at z~3:  Signatures of Strong [OIII] Emission in Young, Low-mass Galaxies
  5. W. Dawson: Probing the Particle Properties of Dark Matter with WFIRST Cluster Observations
  6. C. Delacroix: Progress on the WFIRST-AFTA Science Yield Estimation using EXOSIMS
  7. V. Desai: Community Support: Existing IR Surveys
  8. G. Dubois-Felsmann: Options for the Joint Analysis of LSST and WFIRST Data
  9. A. Faisst: Emission Line Properties of z > 3 Galaxies from Broad-band Photometry Combined with WFIRST Grism Spectroscopy
  10. C. Grillmair: On the Benefits of Bluer Filters for WFIRST Studies of Nearby Galaxies
  11. S. Hemmati: Resolving the Star Formation Quenching with WFIRST
  12. W.-S. Jeong: Near-Infrared Low-Resolution Spectroscopic Survey in Space
  13. A. Koekemoer: Maximizing Community Science from the Large WFIRST Surveys, From Experience with CANDELS, COSMOS, GOODS and other large HST Extragalactic Surveys
  14. S. Laine: The WFIRST Simulation Repository
  15. S. Laine: Stellar Streams Around Nearby Galaxies with WFIRST
  16. M. Malkan: The Power of Infrared Grism Surveys - Insights from WISP
  17. M. Marengo: Establishing a Population II Cosmological Distance Scale with WFIRST
  18. J. Mazzarella: Evolution of the NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database to Facilitate Research in the Era of Euclid and WFIRST
  19. F. Morales: Resolved Two-Belt Debris Disks and Candidate Exoplanets
  20. P. Morris: Towards Completeness of the Galactic Population of Evolved Massive Stars with WFIRST
  21. P. Morris: The Evolutionary History of Massive Stars Using the WFIRST Coronagraph
  22. R. Paladini: Leveraging on the Spitzer and Herschel Legacies:  The WFIRST Galactic Plane Survey of the Early Stages of Star Formation
  23. A. Ptak: Pixel-SED Fitting of Resolved Galaxies Imaged by WFIRST and LSST
  24. D. Rubin: Analyses in Support of the WFIRST Supernova Survey
  25. C. Scarlata: The Role of Quenching Time in the Size Growth of Passive Galaxies from the WISP Survey
  26. V. Tilvi: Probing Cosmic Reionization Using Space-Based Grism Instruments
  27. C. Wheeler: Sweating the Small Stuff: Simulating Dwarf Galaxies, Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies, and Their Own Tiny Satellites
  28. N. Zimmerman: Maximizing the Scientific Return of the WFIRST Coronagraph