TMT Science Forum 2018

December 10 - 12, 2018 • Pasadena, CA

Forum banquet

The Forum banquet will happen at Cafe Santorini on Tuesday evening (starting at 6h30pm).

The room used for our party is the Rococo room. It is located at street level, at 70 West Union Street. It is a 15min walk from the hotel (see map of itinerary).


If you plan to drive to the restaurant, there are several parking options available: 

1) Valet parking on Union Street, 1/2 block West of the Rococo room, just after crossing De Lacey Av., at the level of the "Forever 21" shop entrance.

Cost is $ 10.00 per vehicle

2) Covered private parking at the North-East corner of Union & De Lacey/Leonard J. Pieroni St.

Rate is $8 for cars entering after 5pm, $16 before 5pm.

3) Covered public parking at 45 South De Lacey (1/2 a block South of Colorado & De Lacey).

Rate: First 90 minutes are free. $2 per hour thereafter up to $8 max.