November 4 - 6, 2019

Xiamen, China

November 4 - 6, 2019 • Xiamen, China

TMT Science Forum 2019


As done in previous years, the 2019 TMT Science Forum agenda will include time for TMT-Project updates,  and Plenary Sessions with key-presentations on TMT science and synergies with other facilities. A large amount of time will also be dedicated to splinter parallel sessions led by TMT International Science Development Teams (ISDT), which will discuss synergetical science across all fields of astrophysics, while considering the requirements on operations and data-management needed for these science programs to be implemented at the TMT.

Breakout sessions are:

- Cosmology and the early Universe

- Stars, Galaxies and SMBH

- Planetary formation

Click here to access the agenda of the breakout sessions


Monday Nov. 04

8:00: Registration opens and will remain open all day
8:55-9:10: Welcome [Yunbao Jiang, Suijian Xue, Xiuping Liu]
9:10-9:30: Update from the TIO Board [B. Eswar Reddy]
9:30-10:00: Status of the TMT Project [Fengchuan Liu, Christophe Dumas]
Coffee-break (& group picture)
10:30-11:00: Introduction to Chinese ground/space astronomy projects/observatories [Taotao Fang]
11:00-11:30: An overview of the Chinese Space Station Telescope [Hu Zhan]
11:30-noon: High-energy space missions at IHEP [Shaolin Xiong]
13:30-14:00: The synergy between giants: FAST and TMT [Chao-Wei Tsai]
14:00-14:30: Chinese participation to the SKA [Bo Qin]
14:30-14:50: Update on the US-ELTP program [Catherine Pilachowski]
14:50-15:10: The ESO Extremely Large Telescope [Paolo Padovani]
15:40-16:10: Seeing common or rare AGNs with TMT [Kohei Ichikawa]
16:10-16:40: Ground-based and Earth orbiting observational support of NASA solar system missions: Past, present and future [Thomas Greathouse]
16:40-17:10: ExoWorlds: Exploring future avenues for exoplanet characterization [Anandmayee Tej]

Tuesday Nov. 05

9:00-09:30: Formation and evolution history of the milky way: The chemo-dynamical view [Haining Li]
09:30-10:00: TMT synergies for the first billion years of the Universe [Girish Kulkarni]
10:00-10:30: Space- and Ground- based searches for Earth 2.0 [Jian Ge]
11:00-11:30: TMT Early-Career Initiative: Supporting the next generation of leaders in astronomical research and technology development [Lisa Hunter]
11:30-12:00: Star formation in nearby galaxies [Yong Shi]
12:00-12:30: Cosmological implication of large galaxy surveys [Gongbo Zhao]
14:00-15:30: Break-out parallel sessions
16:00-17:30: Break-out parallel sessions 

** Forum dinner **


Wednesday Nov. 06

9:00-10:30: Break-out parallel sessions 
11:00-12:00: Reserved for Poster session
14:00 –16:00: debrief of break-out sessions, discussions, and wrapping up
Goodbye coffee