AstroViz 2018

Jun. 11, 2018 - Jun. 15, 2018

Pasadena, CA

Scope and Themes

The Astroviz workshop aims to bring together leading experts in astronomy visualization from around the world and provide a platform to connect with each other, share expertise and create better ways for collaboration and synergy among our distinct communities. 


Develop/Implement Strategies for Asset Sharing

Finding ways to better share assets between institutions improves the visualization baseline for everyone. One outgrowth of the 2003 viz workshop was the beginnings of the AVM discussion to allow outreach imagery to share a common metadata standard to enable powerful methods of sharing and access. Today the newly-expanded Data2Dome standard expands this to a broad cross section of media types.

The workshop will be a forum for working through the existing standards, establishing a commitment to support them across institutions (which can leverage the participation of other astronomical centers). We can also look to the future and define needed improvements to the standards and tools with which to implement/access them.

Immersive VR/AR & Emerging Technologies

There is a widespread interest in adopting new communication technologies like VR & AR for outreach visualization work. It is still very much an immature field, and providing an opportunity to see what others in the community are doing can help everyone improve their product design. While VR feels like something that is new, the planetarium community has been engaged for decades exploring the potential of immersive experiences. Pairing that knowledge with the new technologies can help guide development to more powerful designs.

Share Tools/Techniques

One part of the professional development for the viz community is to see what tools/techniques are used by others to improve one’s own capabilities. This kind of practical hands-on exposure can help raise the bar for everyone.  During this workshop participants will work together to produce a list of strategies/recommendations to facilitate sharing  which will be shared with the broader community.

Open-Source Software Initiatives

A number of software projects have directly addressed astronomy visualization needs (ex: AAS WorldWide Telescope, FITS Liberator, etc).  Do these tools help address core needs for current communications goals? How could they be improved? How can we promote these to the astro dev community? This workshop should address these and other questions. 

Outreach to the Astronomical Community

The importance of quality visualization is increasingly recognized throughout the science community. The workshop will provide an opportunity to strategize on ways the practitioners in the field can share expertise/tools with the science community.