AstroViz 2018

Jun. 13, 2018 - Jun. 15, 2018

Pasadena, CA

News & Updates

June 26 Caltech publishes AstroViz article on website

May 21st Email to Registrants

AstroViz is just over 3 WEEKS away!
Note that we are starting up painfully early on Wednesday, June 13th with breakfast at 8 AM, an unfortunate necessity due to all the great talks you’ve submitted!
PLEASE NOTE that due to the large number of submissions ALL talks & roundtable presentations will be limited to FIVE (5) MINUTES plus time for brief Q&A in addition to an extended discussion at the end of each session.
The preliminary block schedule is now posted on the website:
We are also pleased to announce we now have two incredible keynote speakers lined up for the opening day (Wednesday, June 13th): space artist Rick Sternbach and composer Eric Whitacre!
SUBMIT Badge Images
We’ve received some delightfully creative badge art from many attendees already, but if you haven’t sent something in yet, please do so this week! It should be a SQUARE 1000x1000 pixel image that should look good when shrunk down to badge sizes. Be creative!
UPLOAD your image to your conference account using the SUBMIT A BADGE IMAGE tab on the page footer after you log in.
Communications & Social Media
Keep up with our social media logistics on the conference site:
Note that we have created a Slack workspace ( as a primary channel of chat & communications for the workshop. Registered attendees (in-person and webcast) should receive invitations to join in the next week. This is strongly encouraged but not required; if you prefer to not utilize Slack you may simply ignore the invite.
If you haven’t received an invite by June 1st please request one from this address.
There is also a new Facebook AstroViz group and everyone is invited to request membership at:  (there will be a delay until moderators approve your request)
If you want to reference anything in viz-related topics on your favorite social media outlets we suggest using the hashtags:
#astroviz (general viz)
#astroviz2018 (workshop-specific)
Local Activities


We’ve added a list of local activities (VR installations, Art/Science exhibits) that might be of interest, particularly if you are extending your Pasadena/Los Angeles visit:

Conference Dinner


We have the menu for the conference dinner on the first night, Wednesday June 13th:

  • Chicken Parmesan
  • Baked Pasta with Marinara and Mozzarella
  • Roast eggplant, Zucchini, Tomatoes and Onions
  • Crispy Polenta
  • Caprese Salad
  • Mixed Salad Greens with ranch and house dressing
  • Farfalle Salad with Olives and Rosemary - Pesto Three Bean Salad
  • Garlic Bread
If you didn’t sign up already and would like to attend, it is possible but you will need to contact us directly at this email address (adding an extra payment requires some special steps). We will be able to add dinner reservations until June 1st.


April 27th Email to Registrants

A preliminary program describing the sessions and listing contributed talk, is now available on the website:

We are also very pleased to welcome Rick Sternbach and Eric Whitacre as our keynote speakers! 

Please attend to the following ACTION ITEMS by FRIDAY, MAY 11th. All requested information should be entered into your workshop account after logging into your conference profile in the FOOTER of the website:


We would like all attendees to provide an image that we will use both on your badge and during the attendee introduction segments. 

This is a visualization conference, so think of an interesting image that can represent some aspect of your interests/work/institution/etc. and serve as a conversation starter. It should be a SQUARE 1000x1000 pixel image. Be creative!

UPLOAD your final image to your conference account using the SUBMIT A BADGE IMAGE tab on the page footer after you log in.


The SOC has added 3 roundtable and hands-on sessions for which we are NOW SOLICITING contributions. If you would like to participate in any of them, use the SUBMIT A ROUNDTABLE TOPIC tab on the page footer after you log in.

• Show and Tell – Stations will be available for attendees to demonstrate their favorite interactives/visualizations. Let us know if you have a demo to share (you will need to bring any needed equipment with you). 
• Planetarium Roundtable – ATTENDING MEMBERS OF THE PLANETARIUM COMMUNITY are invited to contribute a short (~5-10 min) update highlighting what their institution or company is doing now or is planning for the future as a lead-in to a group discussion.
• Tools and Techniques Roundtable – Do you use any innovative techniques or software (commercial/open source/home-brewed) to make compelling visualizations? If so, consider sharing it in a short (~5 min) presentation. What might be a daily routine to you could be the solution to someone else’s problem.

Also, we are still welcoming short (~5 minute) contributed talks for the following sessions. Use the SUBMIT A TALK tab in the footer if you wish to contribute to one of them.

• Visual Storytelling
• Sharing Assets
• Virtual and Multisensory Realities
• Visualization Software

We are looking forward to what we hope will be an engaging and inspiring three days!

Robert Hurt, on behalf of the SOC/LOC