Far IR Surveyor Workshop


Workshop report:

> From Early Galaxies to Habitable Planets: The Science Case and Concept for a Far-Infrared Surveyor

Useful documents for workshop participants:

> NASA's Planning for the 2020 Decadal Survey whitepaper

> NASA Astrophysics Roadmap

Overview of FIR mission concepts from the May 2014 IR workshop at GSFC

Gary Melnick's FIR Tools slides

FIR whitepapers submitted to the COPAG for NASA study:

(1) Single large cold telescope concept (CALISTO) - Bradford, M., et al. (2-page version)

(2) Interferometer concept (SPIRIT) - Leisawitz, D., et al.

(3) Co-evolution of black holes and galaxies - Armus, L., et al.

(4) Shocked Molecular Hydrogen - Appleton, P., et al.

(5) Epoch of Reionization - Cooray, A., et al.

(6) Overcoming Confusion - Casey, C., et al. 

(7) TNO survey - Bauer, J., et al.

(8) HD and planet formation - Bergin, T., et al.