Final Program

Agenda lists start and end times of each presentation and duration. Lunches are on your own. Coffee and light refreshments are available at the breaks.

Monday October 23 2023 (Chair: Sergio Molinari)  
9:00 AM 9:10 AM Welcome George Helou (IPAC Director)
9:10 AM 9:55 AM Conference Introductory Talk Neal Evans (University of Texas at Austin) 
Milky Way Surveys - Part I (Chair: Sergio Molinari)  
9:55 AM 10:25 AM Pointed Observations of the Milky Way Using Space-Based Observatories Sean Carey (Caltech-IPAC) 
10:25 AM 10:45 AM SDSS-V Milky Way Mapper Jennifer Johnson (Ohio State University)
10:45 AM 11:05 AM The SDSS-V Local Volume Mapper Maren Cosens (Carnegie Observatories) 
11:05 AM 11:25 AM The SPYGLASS Program: Mapping the Extensive Star-Forming Histories of Nearby Young Stellar Populations Ronan M.P. Kerr (University of Texas at Austin) 
11:25 AM 11:55 AM Break  
11:55 AM 12:15 PM SPHEREx Investigation of Ices Throughout the Milky Way and Magellanic Clouds Gary Melnick (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) 
12:15 PM 12:35 PM Photometric variability of massive stars from Gaia and MUDEHaR Jesus Maiz Apellaniz (Centro de Astrobiologia) 
12:35 PM 12:55 PM The GLOSTAR Galactic Plane Survey (remote) Andreas Brunthaler (Max-Planck-Insitut for Radio Astronomy) 
12:55 PM 1:15 PM From ThrUMMS to CODEX - Comprehensive Physics Surveys of Milky Way Molecular Clouds Peter Barnes (Space Science Institute)
1:15 PM 2:45 PM Lunch  
Galactic Star Formation: Theory - Part I (Chair: Neal Evans)  
2:45 PM 3:25 PM Theoretical Overview  Claude Andre Faucher-Giguere (Northwestern University)
3:25 PM 3:45 PM Why are stars? Michael Yvan Grudic (Carnegie Observatories) 
3:45 PM 4:05 PM Clouds of Theseus: long-lived molecular clouds are composed of short-lived H2 molecules Sarah May Rose Jeffreson (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) 
4:05 PM 4:35 PM Break  
4:35 PM 4:55 PM The structure and energetics of solar neighbourhood molecular clouds (remote) Stefanie Walch-Gassner (University of Cologne) 
4:55 PM 5:15 PM Mutual Destruction on FIRE: How Simulated Embedded Star Clusters Destroy and are Destroyed by Giant Molecular Clouds in Cosmological Simulations Sarah Loebman (UC Merced)
Tuesday October 24 2023  
Galactic Star Formation Theory - Part II (Chair: Neal Evans)  
9:00 AM 9:20 AM Cluster formation: evidence of global and hierarchical collapse from Gaia DR3 and numerical simulations. Javier Ballesteros-Paredes (Instituto de Radioastronomia y Astrofisica, UNAM) 
9:20 AM 9:40 AM Star cluster formation and feedback in different galactic environments Ahmad Ali (University of Cologne) 
Galactic Star Formation: Observations (Chair: Luisa Rebull/Wanggi Lim)  
9:40 AM 10:20 AM Observational Overview  Davide Elia (INAF-IAPS) 
10:20 AM 10:40 AM The Galactic dynamics revealed by the filamentary structure in the neutral atomic hydrogen (HI) emission Juan Diego Soler (INAF-IAPS) 
10:40 AM 11:00 AM Kinematical and dynamical characterization of the filamentary clouds in the entire Galactic Plane Eugenio Schisano (INAF-IAPS) 
11:00 AM 11:30 AM Break   
11:30 AM 11:50 AM ALMAGAL first results: survey overview and fragmentation properties in a thousand high-mass cluster-forming regions Chiara Mininni (INAF-IAPS) 
11:50 AM 12:10 PM ALMAGAL First Results: Robust temperatures and luminosities of cores in a thousand high-mass cluster-forming regions Beth Jones (I. Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln) 
12:10 PM 12:30 PM Investigating the origin of stellar masses with ALMA-IMF Sylvain Bontemps (IPAG Grenoble) 
12:30 PM 12:50 PM The Field Initial Mass Function (8 MSun to 5 MJup) Based on the 20-pc Census Davy Kirkpatrick (Caltech-IPAC) 
12:50 PM 2:20 PM Lunch  
2:20 PM 2:40 PM Star formation structures in the nearby Milky Way Andrew Wilson (University of Exeter) 
2:40 PM 3:00 PM From parsecs down to thousands of AU: multi-scale dynamics in massive star-forming regions Alessio Traficante (INAF-IAPS) 
3:00 PM 3:20 PM Dynamical Accretion Flows in High Mass Star Forming Clusters Molly Wells (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy) 
3:20 PM 3:50 PM Break   
3:50 PM 4:10 PM NEMESIS - revisiting star- and planet formation timescales with machine learning techniques Gabor Marton (Konkoly Observatory) 
4:10 PM 4:30 PM FIR Fine Structure Line Observations – Recent Results and Implications Paul Goldsmith (JPL)
4:30 PM 4:50 PM Poster flash talks: Alyssa Goodman, Janice Lee, Katie Devine, Michael Rugel, Sergio Fajardo-Acosta, Mike Werner, Dongwook Lim, Arpit Arora, Suchira Sarkar (remote)  
Wednesday October 25 2023  
Galactic Structure: 3-D Star, Dust, and Gas Distribution (Chair: Thushara Pillai/Paul Goldsmith)  
9:00 AM 9:30 AM 3-D Galactic Structure on Solar Neighborhood Scales  Catherine Zucker (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
9:30 AM 9:50 AM Our dusty Milky Way in 3D out to 1.2 kiloparsec at a parsec resolution Gordian Edenhofer (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics) 
9:50 AM 10:10 AM Insights into the lives (and deaths) of the oldest stars in the Galaxy Rana Ezzeddine (University of Florida) 
10:10 AM 10:30 AM The 3D Structure of Bubbles and Cavities in the Solar Neighborhood, identified with Persistent Homology Theo O'Neill (Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) 
10:30 AM 11:00 AM Break  
11:00 AM 11:30 AM 3-D Galactic Structure on Large Scales Jorge Pineda (JPL) 
11:30 AM 11:50 AM A multi-scale multi-resolution view of the 3D structure of the Milky Way and its molecular clouds (remote) Thavisha Dharmawardena (Flatiron Institute)
11:50 AM 12:10 PM Tracing the large scale structure of the Galactic Disk: Insights from 2MASS red Clump stars (remote) Namita Uppal (Physical Research Laboratory) 
12:10 AM 12:30 AM Galactic HII Regions and Structure in the Milky Way Trey Wenger (University of Wisconsin-Madison) 
12:30 PM 2:00 PM Lunch  
2:00 PM 2:20 PM The ALS project: the spatial distribution of massive stars in the Milky Way combining Gaia and ground-based surveys Michelangelo Pantaleoni (Spanish Astrobiology Center, INTA-CSIC) 
2:20 PM 2:40 PM Resolving cold gas flows in the diffuse interstellar medium of the Milky Way Claire Murray (Space Telescope Science Institute) 
2:40 PM 3:00 PM Surveying the High Velocity Clouds in the Galactic Halo (remote) Andrew Fox (Space Telescope Science Institute) 
3:00 PM 3:20 PM The dynamical disequilibrium state of the Milky Way's outer halo: What can we learn with future surveys? Nicolas Garavito-Camargo (Flatiron Institute)
3:20 PM 3:40 PM The Radcliffe Wave on FIRE: Hunting for Sinusoidal ISM Gas Structures in Simulated Milky Way Disks Biviana Oseguera (University of California, Merced)
3:40 PM 4:00 PM Chattopadhysay Sabyasachi, Giulia Murgia, Madeleine McKenzie, Andrew Saydjari, Ralf Konietzka, Alyssa Goodman, Anna Parul, Tetsuno Asano, Rafeel Riaz, Carlos Roman Zuniga, Amanda Lee (remote)  
4:00 PM 5:00 PM Break and poster viewing   
Thursday October 26 2023   
Milky Way Surveys - Part II (Chair: Sean Carey)  
9:00 AM 9:30 AM All-Sky Surveys of the Milky Way from the Ground and from Space Rachel Akeson (Caltech-IPAC) 
9:30 AM 9:50 AM Surveying the time-variable Milky Way with Gaia (remote) Marc Audard (University of Geneva) 
9:50 AM 10:10 AM A Multi-wavelength Study of the Galactic Point Sources in the MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey with GAIA DR3 (remote) Okwudili Daniel Egbo (University of Cape Town/South African Astronomical Observatory)
10:10 AM 10:30 AM The Forgotten Quadrant Survey: a 12CO and 13CO (1–0) survey of the Galactic Plane in the range 220°<l<240°, -2.5°<b<0° Milena Benedettini (INAF-IAPS) 
10:30 AM 11:00 AM Break  
11:00 AM 11:20 AM RAMPS: The Radio Ammonia Mid-Plane Survey James Jackson (Green Bank Observatory) 
11:20 AM 11:40 AM The Galactic Plane Infrared Polarization Survey (GPIPS) Dan Clemens (Boston University) 
11:40 AM 12:00 PM A Concept Study for Galactic Roman Infrared Plane Surveys (GRIPS) Roberta Paladini (Caltech-IPAC) 
12:00 PM 12:20 PM Poster flash talks (9)  
12:20 PM 1:50 PM Lunch  
Galactic Structure: Metallicity Distribution and Merging History (Chair: Carl Grillmair)  
1:50 PM 2:30 PM Stellar Metallicity Distributions and Chemical Evolution in the Milky Way Gail Zasowski (University of Utah) 
2:30 PM 2:50 PM Chemical Cartography Reveals the Spiral Arms of the Milky Way Keith Hawkins (University of Texas at Austin) 
2:50 PM 3:10 PM The Structure of the Milky Way in Brown Dwarfs (remote) Benne Willem Holwerda (University of Louisville) 
3:10 PM 3:30 PM Chemical Equilibrium in the Milky Way: The Origin of the Disk Metallicity Gradient James Johnson (Carnegie Observatories) 
3:30 PM 4:00 PM Break  
4:00 PM 4:20 PM Using Star Clusters to Calibrate Mapping the Galaxy with SDSS and MSE Peter Frinchaboy (TCU/CFHT) 
4:20 PM 4:40 PM The Local CGM: A Deep Survey of Galactic Metallicities David French (Space Telescope Science Institute)
4:40 PM 5:00 PM R-process production rate from Milky Way halo stars Anne Noer Kolborg (University of California Santa Cruz)
Friday October 27 2023   
Galactic Center (Chair: Sergio Molinari)    
9:00 AM 9:30 AM Theoretical Overview  Mattia Sormani (University of Heidelberg) 
9:30 AM 9:50 AM The epoch of bar formation in the Milky Way Jason Sanders (University College London) 
9:50 AM 10:20 AM Observational Overview  Adam Ginsburg (University of Florida) 
10:20 AM 10:40 AM Chemodynamics and age of the Galactic Bulge with the Blanco DECam Bulge Survey Robert Michael Rich (UCLA) 
10:40 AM 11:00 AM Protostellar cores in Sagittarius B2 N and M Nazar Budaiev (University of Florida) 
11:00 AM 11:30 AM Break  
11:30 AM 11:50 AM Dust-enshrouded objects in the Galactic Center: properties and origin the G objects Anna Ciurlo (UCLA)
11:50 AM 12:10 PM Grazing Collisions of a Jet on the Galaxy’s Circumnuclear Disk Mark Morris (UCLA) 
12:10 PM 12:30 PM An Ultraviolet Survey of the Interstellar Medium toward the Galactic Center Frances Cashman (Space Telescope Science Institute) 
12:30 PM 1:30 PM Lunch  
The Connection with Extra-galactic systems (Chair: Janice Lee)  
1:30 PM 2:10 PM An extra-galactic perspective: Overview  Jiayi Sun (McMaster University) 
2:10 PM 2:30 PM Molecular gas evolution in the Milky Way and the closest MW-analog M83 Jin Koda (Stony Brook University) 
2:30 PM 2:50 PM Stellar Multiplicity in the Milky Way and Beyond Christine Mazzola Daher (CCAPP, The Ohio Sate University)
2:50 PM 3:10 PM Disk settling and dynamical heating: histories of Milky Way-mass stellar disks across cosmic time in the FIRE simulations Fiona McCluskey (UC Davis)
3:10 PM 3:40 PM Break  
3:40 PM 4:00 PM The Hydrodynamics and Star Formation of the Milky Way's Last Significant Merger Angus Beane (Harvard University)
4:00 PM 4:20 PM Lessons from the Milky Way for Resolves Studies of Star Formation in External Galaxies Matthew Samuel Povich (Cal Poly Pomona) 
4:20 PM 4:40 PM Closing Remarks Mark Krumholz (Australian National University)
    The End