Title Author
The Roman Microlensing Survey’s Confirmation or Refutation of Gas Giant Exoplanet Formation Theories Alan P. Boss (Carnegie Inst.)
Deciphering Baryonic Feedback from tSZ Galaxy Clusters Nihar Dalal (The Ohio State U.)
Simulating Asteroseismic Detections for the Roman Galactic Bulge Time Domain Survey Noah Downing (The Ohio State U.)
Simulation tools for the Roman Space Telescope Dario Fadda (STScI)
Understanding the Formation and Growth of Galaxy Clusters with Roman Weak Lensing Kyle Finner (Caltech/IPAC)
Probing the Faint Universe with Roman: the satellite mass function of Virgo-like clusters in LCDM from ultrafaint dwarfs to giant ellipticals Pradyumna Sadhu (UC Riverside)
Synergy between PRIME and Roman Daisuke Suzuki (Osaka U.)
Roman Alerts Promptly from Image Differencing (RAPID) Schuyler D Van Dyk (Caltech/IPAC)
Modeling Emission Line Galaxies with Galacticus Semi Analytic Model Sachithra Ishani Weerasooriya (Carnegie Science)
Modeling Asteroseismic Yields of the Roman Galactic Bulge Time-Domain Survey Trevor Weiss (CSULB)
Simulating a Roman Space Telescope Survey of Nearby Galaxies Kathryn Wynn (U. Washington)
The Coherent Differential Imaging on Speckle Area Nulling (CDI-SAN) method for Suppression of Fluctuating Speckles Kenta Yoneta (NAOJ)