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Title Author
Environmental correction in supernovae standardization Anastasia Baluta (SAI MSU)
Pitfall of FFP parallax parameter accuracy between Euclid and Roman Makiko Ban (OAUW)
Enhancing Time-Domain Astronomy Through Joint Survey Processing Ranga Chary (Caltech/IPAC)
Classification conundrum in Gamma Ray Bursts: Signatures of collapsars in high redshift short GRBs Dimple Dimple (ARIES, India)
Finding Missing Supernovae with Roman Ori Fox (STScI)
Constraining the Size of the Torus of NGC 6418 Ashley Lynn Frank (RIT)
The Wide-Field Infrared Transient Explorer (WINTER) Danielle Frostig (MIT)
From short GRBs to neutron star natal kicks Nicola Gaspari (Radboud U.)
Search for merger ejecta emission in Short Gamma Ray Bursts from very late time radio observations Ankur Ghosh (SRF, ARIES)
Probing into emission mechanisms of GRB 190530A using time-resolved spectra and polarization studies: Synchrotron Origin? Rahul Gupta (Aryabhatta Res. Inst. Obs. Sci.)
Classifying Transients and Variable Objects with SCONE Erin Elizabeth Hayes (U. Pennsylvania)
The multiband evolution of novae Yael Hillman (Ariel U., Israel)
Millimeter to 𝛄-Ray Variability of AGN found in the SPTpol 500 degree2 field John Calven Hood (Vanderbilt U.)
Parameterizing Type Ia Supernovae for Roman Space Telescope Cosmology Mitchell Karmen (LBNL)
FUV Variable Stars in M31 Denis Leahy (U. Calgary)
What can we learn about transients from 21 cm line emission in their environments? Michał Jerzy Michałowski (AMU Poznan)
The Astronomical Event Observatory Network (AEON) and Time Domain Follow-up from the Ground and Space Bryan Miller (Gemini/NOIRLab)
The Transient UV Object (TUVO) Project David Modiano (U. Amsterdam)
The SALVATION Project: A Red Nova in M31 and Other Highlights Rafael Nunez (UCSC)
Primordial Black Hole Microlensing Predictions for Roman Kerianne Pruett (LLNL)
Novel polarimetric technique to constrain the magnetic field structure and strength of Gamma-ray burst jets Manisha Shrestha (Astr. Res. Lab, Liverpool)
PGIR 20eid (SN2020qmp): A Type IIP Supernova at 15.6 Mpc discovered by the Palomar Gattini-IR survey Gokul Prem Srinivasaragavan (U. Maryland)
Modeling the Diversity of Transient Light Curves through PCA (principal component analysis) Nao Suzuki (Kavli IPMU/U. Tokyo)