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Title: Author Last Name: Author First Name:
TMT-AGE: wide field of regard multi-object adaptive optics for TMT Akiyama Masayuki
Consequences of interacting Ricci dark energy in f(R,T) gravity Chattopadhyay Surajit
System-Level Verification of Science Instruments Prior to Installation at TMT Ebbets Dennis
CHILI: China Lijiang IFU Hao Lei
Luminous Infrared Galaxies Observed from the Ground and Space in the 2020s Inami Hanae
The CCAT Project Jenness Tim
Tidal Tales of Minor Mergers: Star Formation in Minor Merger Tidal Tails Knierman Karen
Transits of Planets with Small Intervals in Circumbinary Systems Liu Hui-Gen
The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer: from wide field surveys to the TMT McConnachie Alan
Study of galaxy properties with Super Massive Black Holes using both of SPICA and TMT/MICHI Oi Nagisa
WIYN Indiana Northern Globular Cluster Survey: Identifying Multiple Stellar Populations with the CN Red System Pilachowski Catherine
Accretion disks and particle emission from black holes Saifullah Khalid
Observing the chemistry of planet formation Salyk Collette
Polarimetric analysis of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) for modeling instrumental polarization characteristics Skidmore Warren
TMT and Exoplanet Radial Velocity Surveys Tanner Angelle
IRMS: Infrared Multi-Slit Spectrograph for TMT U Vivian
Using TMT to characterize transiting planetary systems detected by Kepler and TESS Xie Jiwei