Thirty Meter Telescope Science Forum

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Wednesday 16 July

 18:00  to 20:00 

 Welcome reception 

Thursday 17 July: Plenary Sessions


Continental breakfast, poster set-up



Mark Dickinson (NOAO)


TMT in the Astronomical Landscape of the 2020s

David Silva (NOAO)


TMT Overview and Project Status

Gary Sanders (TMT)


Break / poster viewing

TMT and Space-based Facilities


The James Webb Space Telescope

Jason Kalirai (STScI)


TMT and Space-based Survey Missions

Daniel Stern (JPL)


X-ray Telescopes and the Next Generation Large Ground Based Telescopes

Giuseppina Fabbiano (SAO)


Space Exoplanet Missions

Greg Laughlin (UCSC)



TMT and the Radio/mm Telescope Network


Nearby stars to distant galaxies: TMT-ALMA synergies

Kartik Sheth (NRAO) and Christine Wilson (McMaster)


Submillimeter Surveys with CCAT and Synergies with the TMT

John Carpenter (Caltech)


Synergy between the Jansky Very Large Array and the Next Generation Thirty Meter Telescopes

Stefi Baum (RIT)


The SKA and its pathfinders in the next decade: synergies with the TMT

Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College of Canada)



Break / poster viewing

TMT and Major Ground-based Optical/IR Facilities


LSST Science and Synergies With a TMT-like Facility

Beth Willman (Haverford)


The time domain and static sky science from the Pan-STARRS1 Surveys and implications for the TMT

Ken Chambers (Hawaii/IfA)


TMT Synergies with Subaru HSC+PFS and Other Facilities

Masami Ouchi (Tokyo)


Giant Magellan Telescope: Status and Opportunities for Scientific Synergy

Pat McCarthy (GMTO)


Status of the European Extremely Large Telescope

Jochen Liske (ESO)


End of sessions

Friday 18 July: Parallel Sessions

TMT Instrumentation Workshop (08:30 - 16:00)


Continental breakfast


Overview of TMT Instruments and science flow-down

Luc Simard (TMT)


First Light instrumentation – NFIRAOS Overview

Paul Hickson (UBC)


First Light instrumentation – IRIS overview

Anna Moore (Caltech)


Break / poster viewing


First Light Instrumentation – IRMS overview

Nick Konidaris (Caltech)


First Light Instrumentation – MOBIE overview

Matt Radovan (UCSC)




TMT Systems Engineering for Instrumentation

Scott Roberts (TMT)


Building Instruments for TMT

Luc Simard (TMT)


Break / poster viewing


New instrument concept – MKIDs for TMT

Ben Mazin (UCSB)


New instrument concept – MICHI: A MIR instrument for the TMT

Chris Packham (UTSA)


New instrument concept – Science Application of MICHI’s IFU

Itsuki Sakon (Tokyo)


Open discussion, questions and answers


End of session

Parallel science sessions and ISDT working meetings (13:30 - 18:30)

These sessions include contributed science talks and working meetings of the TMT International Science Development Teams (ISDTs), and are open to all TMT Forum participants.

Salon C

Early Universe, Galaxy Evolution and the IGM + Fundamental Physics and Cosmology

Mark Dickinson, Tadayuki Kodama, Tommaso Treu


Feedback and the Physics of Star Formation Quenching

Crystal Martin

Resolved spectroscopy of adolescent and infant galaxies (1 < z < 10)

Shelley Wright

Strong Gravitational Lenses in the 2020s

Masamune Oguri

Star Formation in High Redshift Galaxies with Cluster Lenses as Cosmic Telescopes

Marusa Bradac

Scaling Relations of Spiral and Elliptical Galaxies: Similarities and Differences

Michael Pierce

High resolution near-infrared deep fields with MCAO

Mark Lacy

TMT-AGE: wide field of regard multi-object adaptive optics for TMT

Masayuki Akiyama





Salon J

Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies

Annapurni Subramaniam, Shude Mao


Exploration of the Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies: Summary of the ISDT proposals

Aruna Goswami

The Milky Way, Andromeda, and Distant Galaxies: Insights from Deep Keck Spectroscopic Surveys

Raja Guhathakurta (UCSC)

Star formation histories of the Local Volume: developing a key program for the TMT

Alan McConnachie

Outward Bound with RR Lyrae Stars: Studies of the Outer Halo of the Milky Way

Judith Cohen (Caltech)

The initial-final mass relation: 2.0

Jason Kalirai (STScI)

TMT survey of planetary nebulae in the Local Universe

Xuan Fang (CSIC)

Identifying Multiple Populations in Globular Clusters in External Galaxies

Caty Pilachowski


Salon K

Formation of Stars and Planets

Jessica Lu, Misato Fukagawa


Star Formation Studies with SOFIA and its Synergy with TMT

James De Buizer

High-resolution, Mid-IR Spectroscopy on the Gemini North 8m

Matthew Richter



Break / poster viewing


Imaging Transitional Disks with TMT: Lessons Learned from the SEEDS Survey

Carol Grady

Complicated Structure of Interacting Young Binary System: Outflows and Gas-Streams

Tae-Soo Pyo

Direct Imaging Observations of Protoplanetary Disks with TMT

Takayuki Muto


Salon L

Solar System + Exoplanets

Feng Tian, Norio Narita


New Directions in Solar System Small Body Science with the TMT

Karen Meech

Giant planet atmospheres at high spatial resolution

Mike Wong

Exoplanet Science with TMT

Ian Crossfield

TMT and Exoplanet Radial Velocity Surveys

Angelle Tanner


Break / poster viewing


Supermassive Black Holes

Matt Malkan



Prospects for Measuring Supermassive Black Hole Masses with TMT

Tuan Do

Nuclei of Interacting Galaxies

Vivian U

Studies of high-z QSO host galaxies using high resolution deep imaging

Yiping Wang

MICHI: A MIR Instrument for the TMT

Chris Packham


Break / poster viewing



Poster Summary - Study of galaxy properties with Super Massive Black Holes using both of SPICA and TMT/MICHI

Nagisa Oi

Poster Summary - TMT-AGE: wide field of regard multi-object adaptive optics for TMT

Masayuki Akiyama

Poster Summary – Accretion Disks and Particle Emission from Black Holes

Khalid Saiffulah


Santa Rita

Time Domain Science

Masaomi Tanaka


Summary of time-domain ISDT activity

Masaomi Tanaka     

The Swift mission as high-z explorer: the GRBs legacy for TMT

Antonino Cucchiara 

The Supernova Spectropolarimetry Project: Probing the Evolution of Asymmetries in Supernovae

Jennifer Hoffman


Break / poster viewing


Summary of time-resolved/polarimetric science working group

Warren Skidmore    



Extra breakout space

Saturday 19 July: Plenary Sessions and Panel Discussions


Continental breakfast

ISDT reports / Detailed Science Case themes


Fundamental physics & cosmology

Ian Dell’Antonio (Brown)


Early universe, galaxy evolution & the intergalactic medium

Tadayuki Kodama (NAOJ), Mark Dickinson (NOAO)


Supermassive black holes

Matt Malkan (UCLA)


Milky Way & nearby galaxies

Annapurni Subramaniam (IIA)


Formation of stars & planets

Jessica Lu (IfA), Misato Fukagawa (Osaka)


Break  / poster viewing



Norio Narita (NAOJ)


Our solar system

Feng Tian (Tsinghua/NAOC)


Time domain science

Masaomi Tanaka (NAOJ)


Discussion:  TMT Detailed Science Case;  ISDT future directions


Across the World: A Vision for TMT Workforce Pipeline, Education, Public Outreach & Communications

Gordon Squires (TMT)




Panel Discussion: Future directions for TMT planning

Moderator: Michael Bolte

TMT key science programs

 Future instrumentation and ELT coordination

 TMT operations model, data management, and archiving

 US/NSF participation in TMT



Forum concludes