TMT Science Forum 2018

December 10 - 12, 2018 • Pasadena, CA

TMT Technical lab visit

The Multi-Segment Integration and Test Facility (MSIT) at the TMT technical laboratory.


Be aware: You must wear some shoes holding your heel. Flip-flops are not allowed at the technical lab, for safety reasons.


The TMT lab is located at a 20min drive from Old Town Pasadena. TMT engineers work at the lab to integrate and test telescope systems, as well as control the quality of manufactured parts.


During the visit, visitors will see the Multi-Segment Integration and Test Facility (MSIT), which can hold up to even primary mirror segments and their support assemblies. Engineers will explain the processes of M1 segment control and discuss the performance evaluation of critical parts like the M1 segment warping harness. Visitors will also see mirror blanks and be informed about the technology being developed to keep M1 segments clean throughout operations and the mirror handling equipment.