Thirty Meter Telescope Science Forum 2017

November 7, 2017 - November 9, 2017

PSI Workshop

PSI (Planetary System Imager) workshop:

  • Date: November 06 (full day)
  • Location: Mysore, Infosys campus (same as TMT Science Forum)
  • Room: TBD
  • Contact person: Ben Mazin (
  • Program (draft)


  • Description: Preliminary work on the high contrast exoplanet instrument for TMT, currently called the Planetary System Imager (PSI), has started in 2015 and a large group of scientists from around the TMT consortium has been assembled to look in detail at the science and technical issues surrounding PSI. The technical team includes significant participation from US, Canadian, and Japanese partners.  

This workshop will be an opportunity to engage scientists from across the entire TMT collaboration to discuss scientific issues (morning session), and instrumentation issues (afternoon session).  The workshop is open to anyone wishing to participate on either the scientific or technical sides of PSI.