Thirty Meter Telescope Science Forum 2017

November 7, 2017 - November 9, 2017


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Poster session:

The maximum poster size is the A0 standard (A0: 841 x 1189 mm; 33.1in x 46.8 in).

It will be nearly impossible to print your poster at the last minute in Mysore, hence you should plan on traveling with your poster. Please, plan accordingly.


Forum program

All times here are Indian Standard Time (IST = UTC + 5.5h).

 Tuesday November 7


 P. Sreekumar (IIA) & LOC

 Welcome and logistics


 Michael Bolte (UCSC)

 Board report


 Christophe Dumas (TMT)

 Project status


 Tim Davidge (NRC/HIA)

 SAC report





 Andy Skemer (UCSC)

 Characterizing Directly Imaged Exoplanets


 Enric Palle (IAC)

 Finding bio-signatures on extrasolar planets, how close are we?


 Karen Meech (UH-IfA)

 Solar System Small Body Science and the TMT


 Kuntal Misra (Aries)

 High energy transients in the TMT era


 Lunch/Posters viewing



 Gordon Squires (TMT)

 Making the Case: Workforce, Education, Public Outreach and Communications as Mission-Critical Activities


 Kevin Bundy (UCSC) / Eric Chisholm (TMT)

 Lessons-learned from 1st generation instruments design phases. WFOS/IRIS


 Aruna Goswami (IIA)

 Stellar Studies using High Resolution Optical Spectrometer





 Etienne Artigau (Univ. Montréal)

 NIRPS: Finding M-dwarf exoplanets through near-infrared velocimetry


 Dimitri Mawet (Caltech)

 Characterizing Exoplanets with High Dispersion Coronagraphy on TMT


 Hum Chand (Aries)

 On the high-resolution spectroscopic requirements for the studies of the cosmological variation of fundamental constants


 Yoshiki Matsuoka (Ehime Univ.)

 What TMT will (hopefully) tell us about AGNs and SMBHs


 Mark Dickinson (NOAO) and Warren Skidmore (TMT)

 Present and future activities of TMT’s International Science Development Teams


 Wednesday November 8


 Suresh Sivanandam (Univ. Toronto/Dunlap)

 Gemini IRMOS - The scientific and technical pathfinder for AO-fed multi-IFU spectroscopy


 Richard de Grijs (PKU)

 Star cluster physics and stellar population synthesis beyond the Local Group's "comfort zone"


 Nissim Kanekar (NCRA-TIFR)

 The gas mass and star formation rate of star-forming galaxies at z>1


 Lisa Hunter (UCSC)

Graduate student and postdoc roles in TMT: Status of the International Future Leaders Program and Utilizing the TMT Science Forum





 Scott Roberts (TMT)

 Systems engineering for future TMT instrumentation


 Chris Packham (University of Texas at San Antonio)

 MICHI, A Thermal-Infrared Instrument for the TMT


 Mark Chun (UH-IfA)

 On-sky ground-layer adaptive optics results on Maunakea


 Yosuke Minowa (NAOJ)

 Science with Ground Layer Adaptive Optics at Subaru and TMT


 Brent Ellerbroek (TMT)

 Performance Estimates for Ground Layer Adaptive Optics at TMT


 Lunch/Posters viewing


 14:00-17:30 Splinter sessions I

 Breakout session programs:


 Thursday November 9

 09:00-12:00 Splinter sessions II

 Breakout session programs:


 Lunch/Posters viewing



 Splinter-sessions private debrief & prep-time (place-holder - tbc)


 Presentation/discussion of instrument concepts. Part. I

 Richard deGrijs: Debrief on High-Resolution Spectroscopy instrument concept

 Christian Marois:  Debrief on High-Contrast instrument concept

 Masaomi Tanaka: Debrief on Time-Domain instrument concept

 Chris Packham: Debrief on mid-IR instrument concept

 Mark Dickinson: Debrief on Multi-Object-Sprectroscopy instrument concept






 Presentation/discussion of instrument concepts. Part. II


 Concluding remarks