We are pleased to announce that the next iteration of the EPRV Conference series will take place March 27 - 30, 2023 in Santa Barbara, California

Since the previous meeting was held in 2019, a new generation of Extreme Precision RV instruments has been deployed at sites around the world. Dedicated solar telescopes have provided new insights into the variability of Sun-like stars and an increased use of machine-learning-based data analysis has pushed RV planet sensitivity to new heights. As many of these advancements happened during the pandemic, the EPRV community has not yet had a chance to come together and discuss the implications of our successes and failures, and what they mean for overcoming the remaining obstacles on the road towards Earth-analog sensitivity.

EPRV 5 will provide an opportunity to discuss key technical and scientific issues after a gap of four years since the last comparable meeting. The conference will feature talks from all major instrument and data analysis teams, to ensure that the community is aware of what each independent node is working towards and what challenges they are facing. We will invite representatives from stellar physics and heliophysics to increase the knowledge transfer between our fields and to hopefully spark new, cross disciplinary collaborations. A primary objective of the meeting agenda will be to allow ample time for discussion both during and after talk sessions, so that participants can engage in the level of detailed conversation that has made previous iterations such a boon to the field.


Questions: email us at eprv5 [at] lists.astro.caltech.edu


Important Dates

The EPRV 5 Science Organizing Committee includes:

Co-chairs: Jennifer Burt [JPL / ExEP] & BJ Fulton [IPAC]

  • Oscar Barragan [Oxford University]
  • Megan Bedell [Flatiron Institute]
  • Heather Cegla [Univ. of Warwick]
  • Abhijit Chakraborty [Physical Research Laboratory]
  • Gaspare lo Curto [ESO]
  • Xavier Dumusque [Univ. of Geneva]
  • Dawn Gelino [IPAC]
  • Nathan Hara [Univ. of Geneva]
  • Teruyuki Hirano [NAOJ]
  • Andrew Howard [CalTech]
  • Francesco Pepe [Univ. of Geneva]
  • Paul Robertson [UC Irvine]
  • Andreas Seifahrt [Univ. of Chicago]
  • Sam Thompson [Cambridge University]
  • Sharon Xuesong Wang [Tsinghua University]
  • Jason Wright [Penn. State University]
  • Lily Zhao [Flatiron Institute]

Questions about the conference can be sent to eprv5 [at] lists.astro.caltech.edu