• Information for Poster Presenters

    The poster sessions will be held in rooms adjacent to the main conference sessions.  Time has been set aside for poster discussions during the Monday evening reception and during the afternoon break times on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  

    Presenters will be responsible for putting up and taking down their posters.  Any posters remaining from the previous day's sessions will be discarded.

    Each poster should measure 40 inches/101 cm wide by 36 inches/91 cm tall.  Rigid display boards and mounting materials will be provided.

    Invited tutorial and review talks:

    • Antonio Barrone retrospective
    • Overview of LTD technologies
    • Topics in the physics of LTD
    • Phonon transport at low temperatures
    • Kinetic Inductance Detectors
    • Single photon detectors
    • Superconducting amplifiers
    • Superconducting tunnel junctions and synchrotron x-ray spectroscopy
    • Metallic magnetic calorimeters and Magnetic Penetration Thermometers
    • Superconducing mm-wave circuits and antennas
    • LTD applications in physics: past, present, and future
    • LTD for neutrino physics
    • CMB science and recent Planck results
    • CMB detector systems
    • Cryogenic dark matter detectors
    • Signal processing techniques for LTD

Sessions will cover a range of topics, including:

  • Detector physics, technology, and development

    • Transition Edge Sensors
    • Magnetic Calorimeters
    • Kinetic Inductance Detectors
    • Tunnel Junction devices
    • Novel detection techniques
    • Absorber physics and antennas
    • Multiplexing and readout techniques
    • Sub-Kelvin refrigerators
  • Applications

    • IR to UV single photon detection
    • X-ray and gamma-ray spectroscopy
    • Atomic, nuclear, neutrino and heavy ion physics
    • Astronomy and the Cosmic Microwave Background
    • Dark matter search

Confirmed invited speakers are listed on the front page.