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Note that some authors declined to have their presentations posted online.

Monday June 24 - Physics of Low Temperature Devices

7:45am Morning Coffee available
8:30am Welcome and Introduction Jonas Zmuidzinas (Caltech)
8:45am Invited Talk An Introduction to Low Temperature Detectors (abstract) Samuel Moseley (GSFC)
9:30am Invited Talk Absorption of Electromagnetic Radiation and Non-equilibrium Superconductivity (abstract) Teun Klapwijk (TU Delft)
10:00am Invited Talk Mesoscopic Phonon Transport in Low Temperature Detectors (abstract) Stafford Withington (Cambridge University)
10:15am Contributed Talk Properties of TiN for Detector and Amplifier Applications (abstract) Jiansong Gao (NIST)
10:30am AM Break
11:00am Contributed Talk Discrete Resistance Jumps in Transition Edge Sensors as Evidence of Phase-Slip Line (abstract) Douglas Bennett (NIST)
11:15am Contributed Talk Accelerated Quasiparticle Recombination in Clean, Anisotropic Superconductors (abstract) Alexander Kozorezov (Lancaster University)
11:30am Contributed Talk Fabrication of Nb/Al Superconducting Tunnel Junction by Using Ozone (O3) Gas (abstract) Masahiro Ukibe (AIST)
11:45am Invited Talk Phonon Transport at Low Temperatures: A Review (abstract) Ilari Maasilta (University of Jyvaskyla)
12:15pm Lunch (provided)

Monday June 24 (continued) - Tunnel Junction, Nanowire, and Novel Devices

1:15pm Invited Talk Superconducting Nanowire Single-Photon Detector (abstract) Karl K. Berggren (MIT)
1:45pm Contributed Talk Superconducting Nanowire Sensors Made by Neutral-atom-beam Assisted NbN Growth (abstract) Michael Rabin (LANL)
2:00pm Contributed Talk Tungsten Silicide Superconducting Nanowire Arrays for the Lunar Lasercomm OCTL Terminal (abstract) Matt Shaw (JPL)
2:15pm Contributed Talk Toward Mega-pixel Neutron Imager using Current-biased Kinetic Inductance Detectors of Nb Nanowires with 10B Converter (abstract) Takekazu Ishida (Osaka Prefecture University)
2:30pm PM Break
3:00pm Contributed Talk Hotspot Relaxation Time of WSi Superconducting Nanowires (abstract) Francesco Marsili (NIST)
3:15pm Contributed Talk Superconducting Nonlinear Kinetic Inductance Devices (abstract) Aditya Kher (Caltech)
3:30pm Contributed Talk An STJ Spectrometer for High-Resolution Soft X-ray Spectroscopy at the Synchrotron (abstract) Matthew Carpenter (UC Davis)
3:45pm Contributed Talk Graphene Devices with Superconducting Contacts for Terahertz Photon Detection (abstract) Christopher McKitterick (Yale)
4:00pm Contributed Talk Terahertz Low Background Photon Noise Limited Performance Quantum Capacitance Detector (abstract) Pierre Echternach (JPL)
4:15pm Contributed Talk Parallel Superconducting Strip-line Detectors: Operation in the Single Strip Switch Regime (abstract) Alessandro Casaburi (University of Glasgow)
4:30pm Contributed Talk High Energy Resolution TES at Telecom Wavelength (abstract) Lapo Lolli (INRIM)
4:45pm Invited Talk The Planck Mission: Performances and Results (abstract) Jean-Loup Puget (Institut d'Astrophysique Spatiale)
5:15pm Adjourn
5:30 - 7:30pm Opening Reception and Poster Session A

Tuesday June 25 - Transition Edge Sensors and Bolometers

7:45am Morning Coffee available
8:30am Invited Talk Weak-Link Phenomena in AC-biased Transition Edge Sensors (abstract) Luciano Gottardi (SRON)
8:45am Contributed Talk Superconducting Bolometer Design Adaptations for Very Different Applications (abstract) Dominic Benford (NASA/COR Program Office)
9:00am Contributed Talk Demonstration and Design Criteria of Transition-edge Sensors (TESs) with Noise Equivalent Power Below 10-19 W/HZ1/2 for Space-borne Far-IR Dispersive Spectroscopy (abstract) Andrew Beyer (Caltech/JPL)
9:15am Contributed Talk Design, Fabrication, and Characterization of Mechanically Robust Transition Edge Sensor Detectors for Total Energy (Q) Spectroscopy (abstract) Daniel Schmidt (NIST)
9:30am Contributed Talk Experimental Demonstration of TES-based Bolometer Operation in a Resistance Locked Loop (abstract) Jan van der Kuur (SRON)
9:45am Contributed Talk Optical Performance of FIR TES Detector Arrays for Future Space-based Astronomy (abstract) Dmitry Morozov (Cardiff University)
10:00am Contributed Talk Transition-edge Sensors for Particle Induced X-ray Emission Spectroscopy (abstract) Mikko Palosaari (University of Jyvaskyla)
10:15am AM Break

Tuesday, June 25 (continued) - Multiplexing, Readout, and Signal Processing

10:45am Invited Talk Optimizing the Energy Resolution of a Detector with Nonlinear Response and Non-Stationary Noise (abstract) Dale Fixsen (UMD/NASA)
11:15am Contributed Talk Microcalorimeter Pulse Analysis at Very High Count Rates (abstract) Joseph Fowler (NIST)
11:30am Contributed Talk Kilo-pixel TES Read-out Scheme with SIS Frequency Multiplexers (absract) Gerhard De Lange (SRON)
11:45am Contributed Talk Frequency-domain Multiplexed Readout of Transition Edge Sensor Bolometers for the POLARBEAR-2 Cosmic Microwave Background Experiment (abstract) Kaori Hattori (KEK)
12:00pm Contributed Talk Baseband Feedback Frequency­‐Division Multiplexing with Low‐Power dc‐SQUIDs and Digital Electronics for TES X‐Ray Microcalorimeters (abstract) Kazuhiro Sakai (ISAS/JAXA)
12:15pm Lunch (provided)

Tuesday, June 25 (continued) - Amplifiers and SQUIDs

1:15pm Invited Talk Measuring and Squeezing with the Lumped Element Josephson Parametricamplifier (abstract) Irfan Siddiqi  (UC Berkeley)
1:45pm Invited Talk Traveling-wave Kinetic Inductance Parametric Amplifiers (abstract) Peter Day (JPL)
2:00pm Contributed Talk Progress on the Development of the Microwave SQUID Multiplexer (abstract) Justus Brevik (NIST)
2:15pm Contributed Talk Ultra-low Current-noise HEMTs for Deep Cryogenic High-impedance and Low-frequency Readout Electronics (abstract) Yong Jin (CNRS/LPN)
2:30pm Contributed Talk Current Sensitivity Enhancement of a Quasi­‐one-­junction SQUID Comparator as an Input Circuit of SFQ Readout Circuit for a Superconducting Detector (abstract) Shigeyuki Miyajima (Osaka Prefecture University/Osaka University)
2:45pm PM Break and Poster Session B

Tuesday, June 25 (continued) - Kinetic Inductance Detectors and Resonators

4:15pm Invited Talk Principles and Applications of Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (abstract) Sunil Golwala (Caltech)
4:45pm Contributed Talk Aluminum Kinetic Inductance Detectors at 1.54 THz Limited by Photon Noise and Generation-recombination Noise (abstract) Pieter de Visser (SRON/TU Delft)
5:00pm Contributed Talk ARCONS: A 2024 Pixel Optical through Near-IR Cryogenic Imaging Spectrophotometer (abstract) Ben Mazin (UCSB)
5:15pm Contributed Talk Optimization of Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors (abstract) Christopher McKenney (Caltech)
5:30pm Contributed Talk Dual-Polarization Sensitive Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Balloon-borne FIR Polarimetry (abstract) Johannes Hubmayr (NIST)
5:45pm Contributed Talk Optimisation of Lumped Element Kinetic Inductance Detectors for Large Format 2 mm Arrays (abstract) Simon Doyle (Cardiff University)
6:00pm Contributed Talk Clean Beam Patterns at 850GHz with Microwave Kinetic Inductance Detectors (abstract)Stephan Yates (SRON)

Wednesday June 2 - High-energy Photon Detection

7:45am Morning Coffee available
8:15am Invited Talk Applications of Cryogenic High-Resolution X-Ray Detectors to Metals in Biological Systems (abstract) Simon J. George (UC Davis)
8:45am Invited Talk Towards Laboratory Time­‐resolved X­‐ray Absorption Spectroscopy with Microcalorimeters (abstract) Galen O'Neil (NIST Boulder)
9:00am Contributed Talk Realizing the Scientific Potential of X-Ray Microcalorimeter Spectrometers: Energy Gain Scale Calibration (abstract) Megan Eckart (NASA/GSFC)
9:15am Contributed Talk 112-pixel Arrays of High-efficiency STJ X-ray Detectors (abstract) Stephan Friedrich (LLNL)
9:30am Contributed Talk Membrane Suspended Kinetic Inductance Detectors for X-ray Detection (abstract) Gerhard Ulbricht (UCSB)
9:45am Contributed Talk Performance of TES X-ray Microcalorimeters with ac Bias Read-out at MHz Frequencies (abstract) Hiroki Akamatsu (SRON)
10:00am Contributed Talk First Synchrotron Observations by the NIST Soft-X-ray Microcalorimeter Spectrometer (abstract) Daniel Swetz (NIST)
10:15am AM Break
10:45am Contributed Talk Gamma-ray Spectrometer based on Transition Edge Sensor for Nuclear Materials Analysis (abstract) Shuichi Hatakeyama (University of Tokyo)
11:00am Contributed Talk High Resolution Gamma-ray Spectroscopy with a Microwave-multiplexed TES Array (abstract) Omid Noroozian (NIST)

Wednesday, June 26 (continued) - Magnetic Calorimeters

11:15am Invited Talk Microcalorimeters with Inductively Read Out Paramagnetic and Superconducting Temperature Sensors (abstract) Sebastian Kempf (KIP Heidelberg)
11:45am Contributed Talk Development of Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters for Alpha and Q Spectroscopies (abstract) Wonsik Yoon (Korea Research Inst. of Standards and Science)
12:00pm Contributed Talk Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters for High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy (abstract) Daniel Hengstler (Kirchhoff Institute for Physics)
12:15pm Contributed Talk Characterization and Performance of Magnetic Penetration Thermometer Devices for Applications in X-ray Spectroscopy (abstract) Jan-Patrick Porst (NASA GSFC)
12:30pm Adjourn for optional afternoon excursions to the Getty Center (depart ~1:00 pm) and Griffith Observatory (depart 4 pm)

Thursday, June 27 - Antennas and mm-Wave Circuits

7:45am Morning Coffee Available
8:30am Invited Talk Quasi-­optical Circuits for Millimeter and Submillimeter Detection (abstract) Roger O'Brient (Caltech)
9:00am Contributed Talk Feedhorn-coupled, Dual-polarization TES-based Sensors Operating at 40 GH (abstract) David Chuss (NASA GSFC)
9:15am Contributed Talk Development and Implementation of a Multichroic Array for ACTPol (abstract) Rahul Datta (University of Michigan) and the ACTPol Collaboration
9:30am Contributed Talk Multi-chroic Dual-Polarization Bolometric Detectors for Studies of the Cosmic Microwave Background (abstract) Aritoki Suzuki (UC Berkeley)
9:45am Contributed Talk Submillimeter-wave and Microwave Microstrip Line Resonators for DESHIMA (abstract) Akira Endo (TU Delft)
10:00am Contributed Talk Demonstration of the Ultra Wideband Leaky-wave Antenna at THz Frequencies (abstract) Jochem Baselmans (SRON)
10:15am Contributed Talk Design and Performance of SuperSpec: An On-chip, KID-based, mm-wavelength Spectrometer (abstract) Erik Shirokoff (Caltech)
10:30am AM Break

Thursday, June 27 (continued) - CMB Instruments

11:00am Invited Talk Cosmology and Superconducting Devices (astract)Hsiao-Mei (Sherry) Cho (NIST)
11:30am Contributed Talk Characterization and Performance of a Kilo-TES Sub-Array for ACTPol (abstract)Emily Grace (Princeton) and the ACTPol Collaboration
11:45am Contributed Talk SPTpol: A CMB Polarization Anisotropy Machine (abstract)Nicholas Harrington (UC Berkeley)
12:00pm Lunch (provided)
1:00pm Contributed Talk The Keck Array: Detector Upgrades and Testing Results from the South Pole (abstract)Martin Lueker (Caltech)
1:15pm Contributed Talk SPIDER: Optimizing Antenna-coupled TES Detectors for a Space Environment (abstract)Jeffrey Filippini (Caltech) for the SPIDER Collaboration
1:30pm Contributed Talk GroundBIRD Experiment - Detecting CMB Polarization Power in a Large Angular Scale from the Ground (abstract)Shugo Oguri (KEK)
1:45pm Contributed Talk QUBIC: The Q and U Bolometric Interferometer for Cosmology (abstract)Adnan Ghribi (AstroParticule et Cosmologie) and the QUBIC Collaboration

Thursday, June 27 (continued) - Instruments for mm/submm Astronomy

2:00pm Contributed Talk Characterization and Physical Origin of Energetic Particles on Planck HFI Instrument (abstract)Andrea Catalano (LPSC-CNRS)
2:15pm Contributed Talk Progress on the FDM development at SRON: toward 160 pixels multiplexing (abstract)Roland den Hartog (SRON Utrecht)
2:30pm PM Break and Poster Session C
4:00pm Contributed Talk Measurements of the Optical Performance of Prototype TES Bolometers for SAFARI (abstract)Michael Audley (SRON)
4:15pm Contributed Talk The TIME C+ Reionization Imaging Spectrometer (abstract)Zak Staniszewski (Caltech)
4:30pm Contributed Talk Enhancing the Performance of the SCUBA-2 TES Arrays (abstract)Daniel Bintley (JAC)
4:45pm Contributed Talk Commissioning of MUSIC, the MUltiwavelength Sub-millimeter Inductance Camera (abstract)Jack Sayers (Caltech)
5:00pm Contributed Talk The Current Status of MAKO (abstract)Loren Swenson (Caltech)
5:15pm Invited Talk NIKA (New IRAM KID Arrays) Latest Results and the NIKA-2 Project (abstract)Alessandro Monfardini (Institut Neel-CNRS) for the NIKA Collaboration
5:30pm Invited Talk Antonio Barone, Superconductivity, Josephson Effect & LT-Detectors: A Trip into Memories and Science (abstract)Roberto Christiano (CNR)
6:30pm Conference Banquet at the Caltech Athenaeum

Friday, June 28 - Dark Matter, Neutrinos and Rare Event Search

8:30am Invited Talk Cryogenic Dark Matter Detectors: Current Status and Future Perspectives (abstract) Jean-Come Lanfranchi (TU Munchen)
9:00am Invited Talk Optimizing Energy Resolution for Massive Athermal and Thermal Phonon Detectors (abstract)Matt Pyle (Stanford) for the SuperCDMS Collaboration
9:15am Contributed Talk The EDELWEISS-III Project and the Rejection Performance of its Cryogenic Germanium Detectors (abstract)Jules Gascon (IPNL, Univ. de Lyon) for the EDELWEISS Collaboration
9:30am Contributed Talk Results of Quenching Factor Measurements of CaWO4 at mK Temperatures for the Direct Dark Matter Search Experiment CRESST (abstract)Raimund Strauss (Technical University Munich)
9:45am Contributed Talk Particle Detection Using Athermal-phonon Mediated Detectors (abstract)Brett Cornell (Caltech)
10:00am Invited Talk Electronic Transport and Charge Collection in Cryogenic Germanium Detectors for Dark Matter Search (abstract)Alexandre Broniatowski (CSNSM/IN2P3/CNRS)
10:15am Contributed Talk Status of the CUORE-0 and CUORE Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Searches (abstract) Lucia Canonica (INFN) for the CUORE Collaboration
10:30am AM Break
11:00am Contributed Talk Scintillating Bolometers for Rare Event Searches: The LUCIFER Experiment (abstract)Laura Cardani (Roma University and INFN Roma)
11:15am Contributed Talk Preliminary Results of MARE-1 in Milano (abstract)Elena Ferri (University Milano-Bicocca and INFN)
11:30am Contributed Talk Development of Calcium Molybdate Crystal Detectors for Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay Experiment (abstract)Geon-Bo Kim (Seoul National University)
11:45am Contributed Talk The Electron Capture 163Ho Experiment ECHo (abstract) Loredana Gastaldo (KIP) for the ECHo Collaboration
12:00pm Lunch (provided)

Friday, June 28 (continued) - Particle and Nuclear Physics Applications

1:00pmInvited TalkLow Temperature Detectors for Neutrino Physics (abstract)Angelo Nucciotti (Univ. Milano-Bicocca and INFN)
1:30pmContributed TalkApplication of Calorimetric Low Temperature Detectors (CLTDs) for Precise Stopping Power Measurements of Heavy Ions in Matter (abstract)Peter Egelhof (GSI/Mainz)
1:45pmContributed TalkHigh-resolution Kaonic-atom X-ray Spectroscopy with Transition-edge-sensor Microcalorimeters (abstract)Shinji Okada (RIKEN)
2:00pmContributed TalkPrecise Determination of the Lyman alpha Transition Energies in Hydrogen-like Gold Ions with Microcalorimeters (abstract)Saskia Kraft-Bermuth (Justus-Liebig University)
2:15pmContributed TalkIntegration of Radioactive Material with Microcalorimeter Detectors (abstract)Mark Croce (LANL)
2:30pmPM Break and Poster Session D

Friday, June 28 (continued) - Tests of Fundamental Physics / Refrigeration and Cryogenics

4:00pm Invited Talk Applications of Low Temperature Detectors in Physics: Past, Present, and Future (abstract)Ettore Fiorini (University Milano-Bicocca)
4:30pm Contributed Talk Low Temperature Detectors for Bell Violation Tests, Free of the Fair-sampling Assumption (abstract)Sae Woo Nam (NIST)
4:45pm Contributed Talk High-power Electronic Cooler Based on Superconducting Junction (abstract)Hung Q. Nguyen (Aalto University)
5:00pm Contributed Talk Improving Macroscopic Refrigeration Using Normal-Metal/Insulator/Super-conductor Tunnel Junctions (abstract)Peter Lowell (NIST)
5:15pm Contributed Talk Closed-Cycle Dilution Refrigerator for LTD in Space Astrophysics (abstract)Philippe Camus (Institut Neel/CNRS-UJF)
5:30pmClosing CommentsCaroline Kilbourne (NASA GSFC)