May 29 Update:  LTD-15 will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center

The Local Organizing Committee for LTD-15 has recently learned of several unexpected constraints on the Caltech campus facilities that would negatively impact the workshop. As a result, the organizing committee has decided that it is necessary to relocate the venue.

All LTD-15 sessions will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center instead of the Caltech campus.

We apologize for short notice; however, we are confident that the benefits offered by the new venue outweigh the inconvenience associated with a last minute change.  In addition to providing larger spaces for the oral sessions and the posters, and a central location for both vendor tables and food and beverage service, the Convention Center is conveniently located within walking distance of all three recommended hotels (see map) as well as the shops and restaurants of historic Old Town Pasadena.  See this more detailed map showing the location of the Conference Building at the Convention Center; all sessions will be held on the lower level.

Parking at the Convention Center

Parking is available at the convention center for $10 per day.  We encourage you to carpool or use public transportation.  

Main Conference Sessions, Exhibits and Posters

The main conference session, exhibits and posters will all be held in the lower level of the convention center.  All the spaces are contiguous allowing ample opportunity for conversation.  The poster sessions will be held during the opening reception on Monday and during the afternoon coffee breaks on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Exhibitor Space

Exhibits will be set up outside the main meeting rooms adjacent to the food service and meal areas.  Please see the Exhibitors/Sponsors page for more information on exhibiting at or sponsoring LTD-15.