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Tuesday 23 June 2015: Plenary sessions, AAAS, 09:00 – 17:50


Welcome + announcements


Nearby Galaxies in the Near Future: TMT and Near-field Cosmology

Alan McConnachie (NRC/HIA)


Stellar Chemical Abundances Exploring Galaxy Evolution

Wako Aoki (NAOJ)


Supermassive Black Hole Demographics Through the Ages

Jenny Greene (Princeton)


Break and poster viewing (posters listed below)

Time allocation and the balance of small and large science programs


Telescope time allocation at ESO

Ferdinando Patat (presented by Francesca Primas) (ESO)


Time Allocation Strategies: Lessons from HST

Neill Reid (STScI)




Resolved Spectroscopy and Imaging of Young Galaxies in the Early Universe

Shelley Wright (UC San Diego)


Lunch (off-site; participants on their own)


TMT Project & Instrumentation Status

Michael Bolte (UC Santa Cruz)


Exoplanet Atmospheres at High Resolution

Jayne Birkby (CfA)


Solar System Small Body Science Enabled by a 30-m Class Telescope

Karen Meech (IfA)


Break and poster viewing (posters listed below)

Observatory operations and observing modes


Observing modes and scheduling at Gemini

Nancy Levenson (Gemini)


The challenges of 15 years of VLT operations

Francesca Primas (ESO)




TMT and the US O/IR System

Mark Dickinson (NOAO)


In Search of an Inclusive Vision for Astronomy, Culture, and the Future of Maunakea (PPT)

Doug Simons (CFHT)





Tuesday 18:30: Reception at Mayflower Renaissance Hotel

Wednesday 24 June 2015: Parallel topical sessions, Mayflower Renaissance Hotel, 08:30 – 18:00

07:30 – 08:30

 Breakfast (catered) – East Room

08:30 – 09:20

 Mini-plenary session – East Room


Large surveys with TMT
Large surveys and TMT

 Michael Strauss (Princeton)


“Well, it was big when we built it!”

 Virginia Trimble (UC Irvine and LCOGT)


 Introductory remarks on TMT “key projects”

 Mark Dickinson (NOAO) and Tommaso Treu (UCLA)

09:20 – 10:30

Parallel topical sessions – 2nd floor meeting rooms

Cosmology + Early Universe

Conveners: Tommaso Treu, Mark Dickinson

Massachusetts Room

Talk titles and speakers

My Lessons Learned from Leading the International Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble Project. And their relevance to TMT Collaborations - Marc Postman

Deep Fields and Distant Galaxies, Science and Strategies - Harry Ferguson

Lessons Learned from Large Programs with Keck - Michael Cooper

Quantifying the Assembly History of Galaxies Through Velocity Dispersions - Michael Pierce

The Assembly and Growth of Galaxy Disks - Swara Ravindranath

Lyman α Emission from Green Peas: Circumgalactic gas density, covering, and kinematics - Alaina Henry

Uncovering the Origin of the Rapid Decline in Metallicity of Hydrogen Rich Galaxies at z~5 - Marc Rafelski

Probing Reionization: Current Progress and Challenges - Vithal Shet-Tivli

The Next Generation VLA - synergies with TMT - Mark Lacy

Search for Population III Stars with TMT/IRMS - Bahram Mobasher

Detectability of nebular emission lines from star-forming galaxies at z>8 - Akio Inoue

TMT-ALMA synergy for high-z galaxies - Scott Chapman

Spatially-resolved stellar populations will provide the missing clues to massive galaxy formation & evolution - Kate Whitaker

Milky Way & Nearby Galaxies + Star & Planet Formation

Conveners: Annapurni Subramaniam, Alan McConnachie, Jessica Lu, Greg Herczeg

Georgia Room

Talk titles and speakers

Supershells: What drives them & what role do they play in galaxies? - Alak Ray

Sister Clusters: NGC 3293 and NGC 3324 - Priya Hasan

Proper Motions in the Local Group as a Probe of Galaxy Dynamics and Masses - Roeland van der Marel

Studying Milky Way Satellites with the Thirty Meter Telescope - Ting Li

Proper Motions of Stars in Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies - Jarah Evslin

The Thousand Parsec Open Cluster Survey, establishing new benchmarks for star and planet evolution - Russel White

Planetary Nebulae as Tracers of Galaxy Substructures – A case study of M31 - Xuan Fang

Dynamical Tracing of the Outskirts of Galaxies - Raja GuhaThakurta

High Angular Resolution Near-Infrared Studies of Nearby Galaxies with the TMT - Tim Davidge

Exoplanets + Star & Planet Formation Conveners:

Norio Narita, Jessica Lu, Greg Herczeg

New York Room

Talk titles and speakers

TMT+IRIS: A High-Precision Astrometry Tool for Exoplanet Follow-Up and Discovery - Mark Ammons

ELTs and the Future of Direct Imaging, Toward that Pale Blue Dot Picture - Christian Marois (presented by Norio Narita)

High resolution and simultaneous spectroscopy in optical and near-infrared wavelength - Hiroki Harakawa

Supermassive Black Holes

Convener: Matt Malkan

New Hampshire Room

Talk titles and speakers

QSO host galaxies at z~3: Image reconstruction techniques - Yiping Wang

AGN Variability on Short Timescales: What does Kepler tell us about AGN Variability? - Vishal Kasliwal

The Obscuring Dusty Structure of Active Galactic Nuclei as a Hydromagnetic Outflow Wind: Mining their evolutionary history using a multi-wavelength polarimetric analysis - Enrique Lopez-Rodriguez

TMT & The AGN Torus - Chris Packham

AGN Feedback: The Cold Gas Phase - Sylvain Veilleux

Quasar Outflows and AGN Feedeback:The TMT Revolution - Nahum Arav

Feeding and Feedback in Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei - Francisco Mueller-Sanchez

The Next Generation VLA - AGN synergies with TMT - Mark Lacy

Time Domain

Convener:  G.C. Anupama

New Jersey Room

Talk titles and speakers

Characterizing the EM Counterparts of Advanced LIGO sources - S. Bradley Cenko

TMT in the era of LSST - Ashish Mahabal

Using Giant Telescopes as Microscopes - Eric Ramberg (presented by Robert Stebbins)

Target of Opportunity (and Time Domain) Observations in Queue Mode at Gemini Observatory - Kathy Roth

Coordinating TMT and LSST to Maximize Time Domain Science on Variable Stars - Paula Szkody

Time-Domain Observations of Stellar Populations with TMT - Lucas Macri

Infrared Follow-up Observations of Supernovae in the TMT Era - Ori Fox

Solar System 

Convener: Mike Wong

South Carolina Room

Talk titles and speakers

TMT Solar System ISDT: Rationale for TMT Solar System Key Programs - Mike Wong

Star & Planet Formation

Converners:  Jessica Lu, Greg Herczeg

Virginia Room

[note: mostly meeting jointly – see above]

Fundamental Physics & Cosmology 

Converner: Tommaso Treu

North Carolina Room

 [note: mostly meeting jointly – see above]

10:30 – 11:00


11:00 – 12:30

 Parallel topical sessions – 2nd floor meeting rooms

12:30 – 13:30

 Lunch (catered) – East Room

13:30 – 15:30

 Parallel topical sessions – 2nd floor meeting rooms

15:30 – 16:00


16:00 – 17:25

 Parallel topical sessions – 2nd floor meeting rooms

17:30 – 18:00

 Concluding ISDT group discussion – East Room

Thursday 25 June 2015: Plenary sessions, AAAS, 09:00 – 17:00


Star and Planet Formation with the TMT: Science Goals and Preparatory Research

Gregory Herczeg (KIAA/PKU)


IGM Studies in the TMT Era

R. Srianand (IUCAA)

ISDT reports and Key Projects


ISDT report – Solar System

Mike Wong (UC Berkeley)


ISDT report – Exoplanets

Norio Narita (NAOJ)


ISDT report – Star & Planet Formation

Jessica Lu (IfA)


Break and poster viewing (posters listed below)


ISDT report – Milky Way and Nearby Galaxies

Alan McConnachie (HIA)


ISDT report – Supermassive Black Holes

Tuan Do (UCLA)


ISDT report – Early Universe, Galaxy Formation and the IGM

Mark Dickinson (NOAO)


ISDT report – Fundamental Physics and Cosmology 1
ISDT report – Fundamental Physics and Cosmology 2

Ian Dell’Antonio
Tommaso Treu (UCLA), Jarah Evslin (IMP, CAS)


ISDT report – Time Domain Science

Anupama (IIA)


Discussion: ISDTs, Key Programs, etc.


Lunch (off-site; participants on their own)


Planning future-generation TMT instruments

Luc Simard (TMT)

Data Management and Archives


NASA's Astrophysics Data Archives

Harry Teplitz (IRSA – IPAC/Caltech)


Supporting Data-Intensive Science

David Schade (CADC – NRC/HIA)




Break and poster viewing (posters listed below)

Education, Outreach, Workforce, Communications


TMT Workforce, Education, Public Outreach and Communications – A Global Plan

Gordon Squires (TMT)


TMT International Training & Internship Program

Lisa Hunter (UC Santa Cruz & UH)




Concluding discussions



Tuesday/Thursday 23/25 June 2015: Posters, AAAS

The Milky Way Dwarf Galaxy Population in the DES and LSST Era!

Jonathan Hargis (Haverford)

Resolving the Mass/loss from Wolf/Rayet Binaries Enshrouded by Dusty Spirals

Ryan Lau (Cornell)

Key Science Drivers for MICHI (未知), \vA Thermal IR Instrument Concept for the TMT

Chris Packham (University of Texas, San Antonio)