Enabling Cosmological Resonances Between WFIRST and LSST

September 13, 2016 - September 15, 2016 at the KISS Center



The agenda for the worskhop can be found here.
  09/13 09/14 09/15
08:30-09:00am Coffee    
09:00-10:30am Chair: Doré Chair: Bean Chair: Jain
  Workshop goals: Doré Science opportunities: Bull, Eifler, Ho, Krause, Mandelbaum N-body overview: Connolly (20 min)
  LSST Overview: Kahn (25 min)   ANL: Habib/Heitmann (15 min)
  LSST DESC overview: Bean (10 min)   Stanford: Wechsler (15 min)
  LSST Processing overview: Dubois (30 min)   Requirements and shortcuts for numerical simulations : Eifler (15 min)
10:30-11:00am Coffee Break    
11:00-12:30pm Chair: Rhodes Chair: Newman Chair: Doré
  WFIRST Overview: Gerhels (25 min) Tri-agency joint processing study report: Helou (20 min) Discussion: How to best synchronize efforts? Kiessling (20 min)
  WFIRST SIT overview: Doré (10 min) Joint pixel level processing: Schneider (25 min) Survey planning: Hirata (20 min)
  WFIRST Processing overview: Koekemoer (30 min) Joint pixel level processing: Melchior (25 min) Summary discussions and follow-up actions: Doré, Rhodes
  Dscussion: How close can the pipelines be? Rhodes   White paper planning
12:30-02:30pm Lunch Break    
02:30-04:00pm Chair: Kahn Chair: Helou Chair: Lounge
  Photo-z discussion: Capak, Newmann, Schmidt (45 min) 2:15 pm: How to make these happens within our data centers? Helou (30 min) Free
  Deep field planning and preparatory surveys: Capak (30 min) Clusters: von der Linden, Jain (60 min)  
  Implementing photo-z synergies discussion - Postponed    
  Break Break  
04:00-04:50pm Chair: Krause    
  SNe: Perlmutter (15 min) Implementing photo-z synergies discussion, Newman, Capak, Schmidt  
  SNe: Foley (15 min) Deep field synergies, Capak  
  Discussion: Enabling joint benefits? Perlmutter (20 min)